Oct 27, 2011

Scenes from the kickoff seminar in Penang on 24th Oct. 2011

On 24th October 2011, the kickoff seminar in Penang was held and many stakeholders participated.
The seminar was opened by a representative from JICA Malaysia and Dato' Hassan Bin Mat, Director of DOE Penang.

Four speakers made presentations as below.

Mr. Khiruddin Mohd Idris, DOE HQ, explained the framework of the project in Penang.

Mr. Abu Hassan Mid Zain, MPPP, explained the collection system for PCs initiated with DELL, Sunshine and a NGO PEWOG.

Professor Yoshifumi Fujii, Bunkyo University in Japan, explained 1) the EU countries are very active in disseminating the concept of EPR and other environmental concepts under the concept of "Reflexive Modernity". When considering the EPR policy, it is noted that the EPR does not necessarily mean that manufactures have to pay the recycling cost, the payer should be considered so that the total social cost is minimized. He encouraged the stakeholders by adding that he expects any dynamic social change by the project.

Hideki Wada, the Team Leader of the Japanese Expert Team, emphasized that the Japanese e-waste related laws as they are cannot apply to Malaysia, after explaining the e-waste related laws in Japan. The differences of the background conditions between Japan and Malaysia should be considered. They are no more salable in Japan, while they can be sold in Malaysia.