Jan 11, 2012

Taskforce Meeting was held on 21 December 2011.

The 4th Taskforce meeting was held in Penang Island on 21 December 2011 following the last Taskforce meeting on December 5, 2011. The members of DOE Headquarters, DOE Penang and MPPP discussed present e-waste flow based on some results from surveys, targeting e-waste generators, recyclers, e-waste collection centres authorized by MPPP and retailers, etc. The e-waste flow in Penang Island is being described with quantities and traded prices.
We also discussed that all relevant actors should share the current e-waste flow for discussing appropriate e-waste collection systems in Penang Island. For this, the Taskforce meeting decided to hold a workshop in Penang Island on January 17, 2012. It is expected that all relevant actors share their opinions and discuss the future e-waste collection system based on the current e-waste flow.