Mar 28, 2012

Two important meetings were launched in Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

After coming back to Malaysia from the study tour in Japan, we proceeded to the next step, the planning stage by setting up two meetings.

For designing the e-waste recycling policy, a meeting named “Official Consultative Meeting” was set up.  For designing the pilot project in Penang Island, a local working group was set up by the state government.

On March 26, the first official consultative meeting was held by inviting the EEE manufactures. DOE explained that collection of e-waste from households is the focal issue and any regulations with EPR policy might be necessary. DOE emphasized to listen from the industrial side first and the consultative meeting was set up for this purpose. The participants from the industrial side agreed to present any ideas and opinions in the next consultative meeting.

In the previous week to the consultative meeting, on March 23, the local working group in Penang Island was held chaired by the state government. Some EEE retailers, hypermarket stores and mobile phone service providers participated. The ideas on the pilot project were introduced and discussed. They agreed to consider the possibilities to participate in the pilot project and present in the next meeting.

The pilot project is being planned in detail based on the ideas of any necessary policies.

Policy design was discussed in the official consultative meeting in Kuala Lumpur on March 26.

The pilot project design was discussed in the local working group meeting in Penang Island on March 23.